RSVK-M2 Complex

RSFS-М2 can be equipped with various fire systems (machine gun, grenade launcher, anti-tank guided missile).

RSFS-М2 Hunter consists of two parts:

  • MRMP (the mobile radio-controlled multi-purpose platform);
  • RSFS (the stationary mobile robotized surveillance fire system);

Both parts RSFS and MRMP may be used separately.

Tactical characteristics upon testing results:

  • L/H/W: 2000mm*700mm*1250mm
  • Speed:0-10 км/год.
  • Engines: 6 * 800 V.
  • Range of movement: 15-20 km (depends on the surface)
  • Time to recharge (in static): 36 hours.
  • Range of radio channel (video and control): 1500 m (3000 m)
  • Possibility to move on water
  • 3 video cameras
  • 1 thermal camera
  • Weapon: NSVT 12,7 (possibility to install other automatic weapons)
  • Distance of effective damage to a standing figure: 1200 meters.

The operator’s position is connected with the system by radio channel or cable (optional).

RSFS is distinguished from the closest analogues by the high accuracy of targeting, reliability and simplicity of construction, density, and wide opportunities for upgrade.