Enemy nightmare

Smart loitering missile
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LUACC loitering missiles, designed to work in packs and mass launch from a cassette of any basis, such as automobile:
- (L * W) 1200 * 1650 mm, net weight 6 kg, warhead weight 3 kg,
- cruising speed 70 km / h, maximum speed 130 km / h,
- works on the principle of "fire and forget",
- resistant to radio-electronic countermeasures of enemy equipment,
- has an effective proprietary autonomous traffic system, independent of navigation signals and communication with the operator,
- has an automatic system of exit to a predetermined square and a system of search, recognition, identification and impression of various purposes,
- has a radius of impact of up to 35 km and is able to disable any armored vehicles of the enemy, other important means and equipment.

Technical specifications

cruise speed 70 km/h
dash speed 110 km/h
diameter 180 mm
lenth 1195 mm 
combat range 35000 m
endurance 0.7 h
empty weight 5 kg
warhead mass 3 kg