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Robotic combat module
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Autunomous AI

About RCM-3

Robotics DB offers a complete decision of remote weapon stations called RCM in order to meet today’s operational requirements. Taking advantage of its real 3-years battle expertise, the company provides the opportunity to take a good look at your security issue. The RCM remote weapon stations provide optimized remote firing capability day and night while keeping the operator completely safe.

Fully electric/high capacity
AI capabilities
Reliable and strong
Low/zero noise track
Object detection/recognition
Open architecture
Zero thermal track
Ballistic computer
External system interface
High hit probability
Real battles-proven

Technical specifications

angle speed 1 (per step) 20 sec
angle speed 2 (per step) 40 sec
angle speed 3 (per step) 2 min
angle speed 4 (per step) 5 min
angle speed 5  60 deg/sec
caliber .50 (12,7  mm)
ammunition 80-200
weight without weapon 110 kg
day camera color/4Mpx/1.2° – 75° 
termal camera 640*480, DDE /100 mm lens