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Combat robot as part of the BRP-3 and RCM-3
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Hands-free WIFi remote control
Waypoints navigation/autonomous returning
Object detection/obstacle avoidance

About RSVK-M4

RSFS-М4 can be equipped with various fire systems (machine gun, grenade launcher, anti-tank guided missile).

RSVK-M4 "Hunter" consists of two parts:

  • BRP-3 (the mobile radio-controlled multi-purpose platform);
  • RCM-4 (the stationary mobile robotized surveillance fire system);

Both parts BRP-3 and RCM-4 may be used separately.

RSVK-M4 is distinguished from the closest analogues by the high accuracy of targeting, reliability and simplicity of construction, density, and wide opportunities for upgrade.

Fully electric/high capacity
Zero thermal track
AI capabilities
Reliable and strong
Low/zero noise track
Object detection
Open architecture
Real battles-proven
Ballistic computer
Unique modular design
Positive floatage
Automatic target tracking
External system interface
High hit probability
Weapon gyrostabilization

Technical specifications

speed range 0-15 km/h
length 202 cm
width 128 cm
height 68 cm 
weight 730 kg
Ground clearance 27 cm
maximaum payload 150 kg
telecontrol radius 1500-2000 m
electric runtime 6-9 h
stationary time 45 h
caliber .50
ammunition 80-200
day camera color/4Mpx/1.2° – 75°
termal camera 640*480/100 mm lens